It's a government out of control while people are losing control over their lives and

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Cazza La Randa, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. It's a government out of control while people are losing control over their lives and future

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  2. I had the exact idea of American politics is no more than a match of World Federation of Wrestling: rep vs demo, capitalism vs socialism, conservative vs. liberal, abortion vs rights to life, gun ownership vs. gun control, etc. etc. All are just red herring, smoke screen. The real danger for U.S. is that it is becoming more and more an oligarchy, a small group of people with unlimited financial resources controls and manipulates U.S. media, economy, election, and government offices. They switch the U.S. economy between boom and bust by simply changing prime interest rates like adjusting a dial. they destroy U.S. substantive economy, produce ever dazzling useless financial instruments to rake trillion for themselves. They turn U.S. into an "finana republic", a financial banana republic. Current health care fight, inflamed by U.S. media, is a mare distraction to hide the fact that someone just stole trillions from tax payers.


    Are you ready?
    Watch This, and do your own homework.

    I want to know what actions can and will be taken.

    Campuses around the United States need to do a study, of Hundreds of Thousands need to be interview after watching this video.

    Because they are working hard, so should the American People.

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    End the Fed, and Free the People.

    Where is the entire coward Generals.

    Define Treason: Congress needs to Have a backbone, and DEFINE TREASON, in a legal document, and bring all to justice, living or dead, and re-write history, so we can spit on all of their graves.

    Bounty should be large for a list of Banking Elite, and anyone who stand with them.

    United States Bankrupt 20 years after the Federal Reserve Act 1913 in 1933 FDR USA Bankrupt, so their rules are now in tact, and Social Security is created to tax us, and enslave us to work and pay the World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, Central Bank of Central Banks.

    Iraq had no Central Bank, Iran has no Central Bank, and North Korea has no central bank. We have been laid too.

    The TSAR was murders to they could take over.

    Time to wake up and organize, counter intelligence, and counter operations, to defeat this foe.

    This is no laughing matter, 5,000 dead US Troops, fighting the World Bankers War for them, TREASON TREASON TREASON,

    Justice will prevail.
  4. dewton


    the US government now wants to censor the internet. the reasons they provide for censorship are all lies. the truth is, our critical networks are isolated from the internet and are impervious to attacks by 18 year old chinese hoodlums.

    the internet is the only place where the truth can be exposed in the midst of lies perpetrated by the financial mafia via traditional media. the truth shall set our nation free. lies will enslave us. if we knew the truth, we would be free.

    internet censorship has only one purpose: to prevent the truth from coming out, which would ruin the elite's plans to completely enslave and dominate us.
  5. there's people who get that. and those who don't

    and if you dont get it, you dont begin to get anything about what's really going on
  6. I guess I'm in the "DON"T GET IT" camp.
    I've never understood why our criminal political element is so hell bent on self destruction.
  7. I guess the easiest way to explain it is to think of the USA like a stock. When your stock is $1,000 per share, its hard to grow it any higher, but if you short the stock and then destroy the company, you can then get back in when the stock is at $1 per share and have huge potential growth. Sure you wipe out the shareholders, but dont worry. They will work, earn money, and buy more stock when they get the chance. Some shareholders will get rich during that process too.

    Its also like the housing bubble. If you sold as the price was going up, you made alot of money. But you couldnt really expect the prices to stay up there forever and keep going up. Same thing with the USA. We are like an overinflated stock. We have no real manufacturing base. We can not compete with the asian nations, so its obvious our stock is going to plummet. Might as well make it a controlled fall.
  8. zdreg


    "Might as well make it a controlled fall. "

    really. that is the excuse offered for gov't intervention and takeover of the US economy.

    the result is a massive misallocation of resources propping up businesses which should be allowed to die and preventing resources from going to more promising businesses.

    It is not true that the US cannot compete with asian industry. Japan and germany with wage scales similar to the US compete successfully with china and india.
  9. at the root of much of economic discussion is the presupposition that we 'have to compete' with india and china


    or else they'll what? give us a negative trade ballance with them? we already got it

    we were a prosperous nation, before we really had anything to do with any of them

    we would be a more prosperous nation as a closed system, with NO trade imballance, than with a massive imballance. a massive imballance guarantees a bleed

    would a closed system be perfect? no it just wouldnt be as bad

    and we dont have to be the world policeman

    and we dont have to guarantee that anyone in the world can come here an have 'the American Dream'