It's a change market, folks!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketcynic, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. From March to middle of October, you could buy dips and be assured of being bailed out because the dips were brief and market kept going up.

    Only problem is that stocks have gone up so much and are overvalued. The value investors, insiders, secondary offerings, IPOs, and private equity guys are all dumping size into the market at every opportunity. Momentum cannot overcome that, especially in a fragile market like this one.

    We are going to have a rough November because all the indicators are flashing red, and investors are still conditioned to buy dips and hope that things rocket right back up. Market ain't that easy. When everyone knows the drill, market mixes things back up to screw the majority.
  2. agree. will add that i expect not large dip. some markets gone up too far to call it retracement or bluff. look aud for example or aussie banks.

    funny that on the day of high argentina market kissed all time high!

    my long term position remains buy commodities.
  3. Lethn


    This is why I'm going to start off in commodities first because commodities have and always will be real in value no matter what the Stock or Forex markets do :p
  4. I agree about the long term commodities view, but I think you'll get better entry points in December for a long term investment.