Its -8 right now here in pittsburgh

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  1. i had a girlfriend in arizon who loved doing that

    one of her favorite phrases in any situation was 'i hate to break it to you but'

    the word 'but' always followed the word 'sorry', on the rare occasion she ever said it
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  2. Depends on where you are. I lived there over three years and never saw one scorpion, live or dead.

    Saw my first one in the south of France, believe it or not. Quite a few there, which blew my mind.

    Glad Pittsburgh's going to be a lot warmer Sunday; going to the the AFC Championship Game.
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  3. love those topless beaches in southern France. scorpions aren't bad per se, but the pain is no joke
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  4. you had wrote..."Its -8 right now here in pittsburgh"...all I can say is GO RAVENS!!!! DESTROY THE STEELERS...

    Ravens 45
    Steelers 17
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  5. You know the cold weather sucks but the real reason I actually feel sorry for you is because you live in Pittsburgh. I've seen a more pleasing group of people walking past the church's soup kitchen than walking through Pittsburg.
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  6. :eek:
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  7. Cleveland Man in the House!

    Pittsburgh is a wonderful city. Very unique.
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  8. Hey what happened to Global Warming? Where is Al Gore? Al..?
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  9. Not to mention the sun is a perpetual rapist there..

    Now San Diego... That's the way to live.
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  10. clacy


    Don't you know? It's "Climate Change" now. That way these morons are right no matter what happens in the weather.

    Cold = climate change
    Warm = climate change
    Dry = climate change
    Wet = climate change
    Tornados = climate change
    Hurricane = climate change

    It's the perfect because you can ALWAYS be right, no matter what the data actually says.
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