Its -8 right now here in pittsburgh

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    Good for a few upticks in natural gas futures? The last time it was this cold here was many years ago.
  2. I'm curious as a reference what your monthly heating bill is and what type of fuel you use.
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    Nat gas, the bill is about 190/ month. My house is over 100 years old and about 2000 sq feet.

    I have a brand new high efficiency furnace, it was set a 72 last night. It can't keep up though, its only 63 inside. Defiantly people are using tons of nat gas in the NE, damn good deal for under 5 dollars.
  4. So what are you doing inside? Go out and enjoy the day :p

  5. only 190/month to heat 2000 square feet? seems like a better deal than using oil
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    No that average per month for the year. During the coldest months it can cost over 300 dollars to heat.
  7. well how's the Pickens Plan rolling along? if it becomes a reality that should boost demand greatly for nat gas
  8. -30 here and electricity heating is much cheaper in Quebec :)
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    Sorry. It was 76 here in Scottsdale yesterday.
  10. yea, but you got scorpions there
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