ITMN ruling, most absurd ever

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Dustin, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Dustin


    NASDAQ has reviewed the transactions under rule 11890 (b) on its own motion filing involving the security InterMune, Inc (ITMN) executed between 09:30:00 and 09:31:00 ET today and has determined that all trades will stand. This decision cannot be appealed. NASDAQ MarketWatch has coordinated this decision with other Exchanges.

    How does this make any sense, these guys should have to defend their rulings with logic.
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  2. Bob111


    nice dump...ruling was also nice. they rule against their own policy. i've seen this before...guy with bigger balls always win. i'm pretty sure most of the trades on sell side are triggered retail stops. and the "buyers" are some big firm..nice and orderly market! where are those "circuit breakers"?
  3. orl


    Sick! This is why I trade futures...
  4. Wish I had saw that. Those aren't always great trades. It sucks when you have to hold your position waiting for a ruling b/c if there is some type of yet to be released adverse news behind the move you're kind of screwed b/c if you cover and it breaks you're short from your cover price. That said, it's great when you catch these long on the other side. Now I need to figure out why I didn't see it. Good luck.
  5. WTF? Are they on drugs? If they're going to make up crazy ass rules, they should consider using them or getting rid of them. Can't play both sides of the fence.
  6. INET and ARCA have their own rules. If no one called on the trade or there was news when the spike happened....then it stands.
  7. hmmmm

    looks like a failure to make an orderly market on the open to me.

    they should fire whoever ruled that those low prints stand.

    i accuse rouge hedge funds of deliberately running stops in names with potential news driven price moves (biotech is ripe for this)

    the sec should be tracing the source of the sweep lower to see who buys what.

    but the fukkers aint gonna do it.

    forget stop losses, buy puts or be willing to get sodomized.

    ps just looked at the t&s . that whole scam took a grand total of 2 or 3 seconds , and then the bid was back to normal. no human could have taken advantage of this.
  8. You're wrong. Not really going going to argue with you on this point or try to prove why you're wrong. Just thought I'd let you know.
  9. spd


    thats why I dont trade biotech shit anymore.
  10. wrong about what? the amount of time it took?

    about the human?

    I'm looking at t&s and thats what it says.

    If you want to be a twat and say I'm wrong without any backup or explanation , congrats, you fit well here on et.

    ps, if its you that's wrong, what do you propose as penance?
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