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  1. I'm working with a couple partners and programmers to develop a black box. We'd like to find the best way to plug into a market feed so we can test our product in a live market environment. Ideally, we'd like to plug directly into INET using their ITCH datafeed. Unfortunately, it seems they only offer this service to broker-dealer members of theirs.

    Is there another service out there that offers plugging into ITCH? If not ITCH, how about any feeds using FIX? Any help is appreciated. If you've had experience doing the same and would like to offer other suggestions too, that'd be great. Thanks.
  2. So I got a couple good PM's in response to this. It seems like the best way to go about getting a data feed is to create an account with a broker/dealer who receives the ITCH feed directly.

    Can any of you recommend good b/d's to provide this service? We'd like to be able to just create an account to test and not trade. If a b/d would allow this, what types of costs and fees would be involved? Would there be a minimum deposit amount involved too even if we did not trade on this account?

    Feel free to PM me with recommendations or if you offer this service. Thanks.
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