It’s Official: Ron Paul Can Beat Obama in 2012

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by phenomena, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Ron Paul can beat Barack Obama in 2012, according to the latest Rasmussen poll: If the elections were held today, Obama would gain 42% of the vote compared to Paul’s 41% – statistical dead heat. Among independents, Paul has an astonishing 47% to 28% edge over the president. (Rasmussen Poll: Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%)

    The difficult part may be getting the GOP nomination: Only 66% of GOP voters say they would support Ron Paul even if he wins the nomination. But there’s still potential for improvement: 49% of GOP voters are still not sure whether Ron Paul shares the values of most Republicans throughout the nation.

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  2. Obama would crush Ron in a general election.Democrats are hoping Palin gets the GOP nomination,they would love it even more if Ron got it
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    I thought Cody went back to losing other people's money?

    But on topic, if the country wouldn't elect and 70+old teetering old man to the office, what makes you think they would elect an even OLDER one?
  4. I think Ron Paul is not interested in getting elected as USA President.
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    I sure like that brunette.
  6. Another vote for brunette..
  7. I think the blonde is more attractive than the brunette, and I generally prefer brunettes...
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    Don't you think the blondes on that network all have some type of Stepford wife quality about them (themselves?)?