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  1. Read screenshot or link...

    There could be total of 5 million to 20 million infected people in Italy. This is GREAT NEWS for obvious reasons.

    The virus has already been approaching here immunity right under our noses. I suspected something like this, but glad to hear an actual doctor agree.

    And it's good news for the financial markets as well. It means the recovery will be sooner than possibly expected. Then we'll go back to worrying about a debt bubble lol.

    Those same percentages translate to 26-104 million in the USA!!! This is the number of people the virus can no longer affect.
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    That would translate to several million over 70 year olds already being infected.
    We would be seeing a lot more deaths.
    So I dont think so, neither for Italy or the US.
  3. Or maybe you wouldn't be seeing a lot more deaths. How can you be certain unless you test everyone of all ages for the virus and antibodies?
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    it's a nothing burger!
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    We know for certain from Cruise Ships how deadly this thing is for that demographic.

    If 100million people were already infected in the US, millions of old people would have needed hospital and hundreds of thousands already dead.
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    On the Diamond Princess cruise ship, everyone on board got tested and those who tested positive were isolated so they could not infect anyone else.

    634 positive infection cases were found.
    Of those 634:
    306 infections showed symptoms and 328 showed no symptoms.
    7 died.

    The rest of the ship tested negative.
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    Those numbers in my previous post are a bit out of date.

    The latest numbers were 712 infections and 12 deaths.

    Fuck, thats a high number of deaths even after taking into account the demographics of the people on the ship.
  8. 19.2% of the ship got infected.
    46.5% of infections were asymptomatic at time of testing.
    0.3% of ship died
    1.5% of those infected died

    (I have it at 11 deaths)
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    The majority of the ship did not get infected at all, they were all tested.

    Your hopeful theory about massive numbers of hidden infections is almost certainly FALSE.
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  10. I agree it's serious.

    Hence the fact that I'm barricaded in my hotel room with a bottle of hand sanitizer, bleach, gloves, and an n95 respirator next to me.

    Imagine if it ever gets real bad in a 3rd world country with high population density. Something like a Bangladesh or Ethiopia.
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