Italy & Spain bans short selling.

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  1. Italy bans stock short-selling as market plunges
    8:31 a.m. Monday, July 23, 2012
    The Associated Press

    MILAN — Italy's financial markets watchdog on Monday imposed a ban on the short-selling of shares as the Milan stock index plunged amid fears over the country's financial stability.

    European shares extended their losses on Monday as a move by Spain to ban short-selling on all Spanish securities raised fears that the region's sovereign debt and banking crisis may be worse than expected.
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    Never works. When will regulators learn?
  3. Pass me another roll of duct tape please.
  4. clacy


    LOL that's hilarious. As if it's that easy
  5. Nothing like inflating your stock markets to pretend like your economy hasn't gone off a cliff.
  6. Here we go again...
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    There still has to be buyers to bring the prices higher. I really don't think short sellers have much if any influence on the long term price performance of markets.
  8. Anything that's easy becomes illegal.
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    This is a joke right?

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