Italy says it plans to raise the retirement age and sell real estate assets

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  1. It's too late.

    Markets always overshoot. Citi from 50 to 1. Italy from 7% to +10%....

    Ain't nothing anyone can do about it and certainly no messages from the government itself will change it.
  2. Someone should have double-tapped that turd Berlusconi long ago.
  3. Banjo


    If the Pope's hat collection comes up I'm a bidder.
  4. Have you ever seen an Italian nativity scene?
    It has Jesus, Mary, and three wise guys.
  5. Rumor has it in the world of internet conspiracies the Vatican is sitting on hundreds of billions of Dollars if not more.

    Maybe they can buy some bonds....
  6. zdreg


    they didn't get there by making stupid decisions.
  7. Hopefully those billions aren't sitting in an Italian bank.
  8. That's hilarious. Rumor has it that they're nearly broke. You decide which is more likely.
  9. I didnt say I believe it...:p

    But nearly broke?

    Did you know if you were Italian and didnt have a will before the 80's all your belongings were transfered to the Vatican...
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