Italy n°1 broker offers up to 20:1 leverage and no PTD rule

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by roadstar4, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I just thought I posted an exotic alternative...
    given the recent prop firm turmoil...

    for those who trade S&P500, Nasdaq100 and DOW30 stocks (wich I don't),
    day trading margin are from 5% to 20%, depending on the stock. average around 10%.

    You can open the account with 1.5k euro (2.25k dollars), and no pattern day trader rule.

    commissions are 8.95$ per ticket for active day traders.
    they have 250k clients, number 1 european broker for number of trades (at least they they say so...).

    they are part of Unicredit-Capitalia wich is the major italian banking group.

    Website is only in italian,
    if you want to check out their offer there's no direct link,

    on the homepage
    under trading > click "marginazione"
    then click "più titoli con leva 20 volte"
    then under mercato > click USA
    and you have the list.

  2. its a good idea.... i think we have to start looking outside the US for freedom. sad day.. never thought i would type those words.
  3. What are the issues if US citizens open accounts to trade in Italy ?
  4. No issues, as far as I know...

    You would be trading stocks, not CFD wich are illegal for US citizens.

    You may contact them in english and see what they say.

    But I'm not a customer of them, neither I am a US citizen...