Italy Govt Bonds Gross Yield: Back to almost normal

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Andromeda, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Still high but no end of the world.

    Vut no end of zee vorld?? Thar be much wailing and gnashing of teeth over at zerohedge!
  3. So says the guy who saw "nothing but blue skies" for real estate at the highs in 2005.

    Or are you going to try and spin that one again?
  4. It was blue skies up until the top where I had that sell post. Oh it hurts being right!

    Don't worry, I understand, markets are toooooo difficult for some people.
  5. You are completely full of shit. Seriously, you started an entire thread called "Housing Rolling Along Part 2". It's post after post after post with you and your David Lereah like stupidity.
  6. Apparantly the Italian IRS has been cracking down on obvious tax evaders and new revenue has been skyrocketing?
  7. C6H12O6


    Fiscal revenues are skyrocketing because they raised taxes :mad: Maybe markets have now understood that the "technocratic" italian government has no regret over making italian households pay down the debt. But italian households are buying italian debt, so... money comes back, it's kind of a loop :D

    About tax evasion: it seems to me that there's a lot of propaganda, but what's really big is that in a few months italian banks will send to the "IRS" their databases, the guys at "IRS" will have every banking account at their fingertips... I've yet to understand whether they will have every single record or some kind of aggregated data, anyway this is truly a copernican revolution, every italian's financial life will go through IRS automated procedures.