Italian TV is HOT

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  1. Wow when you catch it at just the right angle that ass is impressive- but so was Harry Carsens.
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  2. what are you doing staring at men's asses??

    oh sorry.. I forgot...

    this is ET...

    most everyone is
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  3. andread


    I don't know this Harry Carsen, and I absolutely don't want to see his ass, but I would tend to agree: that woman has been doing too much body building.

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  4. The gay republican Foley types would protest having a beautiful woman showing some cleavage on TV!
    Under the guise of 'protecting family values' which we all know they have contempt for (What Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guiliani etc did to their wives?) they would rather have you poor buggers 'enjoy' Ellen Degenerate and her ilk.
    Remember Dick Cheneys daughter is a 'prawn wrestler' as well.
    The 'tongue and groovers' have a lot of political support!
    Look at what Rosie O'Donnell said about Trump! She called him a pimp! Amazing she was able to get away with that!

    You honest heterosexual men are a dying breed over there.

    Poor buggers you Americans
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  5. Listen Stoney is not gay! I just had a really bad experience with a well muscled women in college. She was on the discus team and squatted dead weights professionally I got curled up inside her and she had a spasm of some sort and clinched up. Those particular muscles in the downstairs area on a finally tuned athlete can really tear you up good. I was stuck for 40 minutes Ok? That was no party.
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