Italian TV is HOT

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  1. This is only a normal talk show in the afternoon...



  2. andread


    Although I would tend to agree with the title of the thread, I have to say that in this specific case the information is not correct. I don't know why, but these pictures are going around with the reputation of belonging to the italian tv.
    The girl is Pamela David, she is from Argentina. I think the shots are from the chilean tv.
  3. stu


    Yes but did anyone notice those two lovely giant tumblers in the picture? I wonder how many pints they hold.
  4. We don't have a free market for TV in the USA do we? If TV from other countries was cabled or broadcast in the USA then we might not watch Oprah as much.
  5. Atlantic


    what's your point here actually??

    there is no nuditiy whatsoever. such pictures can be shown at any time of day.
  6. andread


    get a satellite dish :)
  7. First Fox Business channel money honey?

  8. What, you don't think the Big O is hot?
  9. Is that sign on the monitor Noche or Nookie?
  10. It was established in another thread that the correct term is "those puppies are fantastic." They have strip anchor women in Russia though.
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