Italian ship captain now arrested

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  1. Yep.
    3 confirmed dead. Several dozen missing.
    That's a good one.
  2. In other breaking news:....

    The captain of the Costa Concordia has been summoned by Eurozone leaders to explain how best to cope with a sinking ship.
  3. oddsman


    I thought a ship that size had a whole crew responsible for navigation. The captain is really expected to not eat or sleep or shit for the 7 day cruise?
  4. .....obviously a Mossad/CIA false flag. Cruise ships just don't hit rocks and sink."
  5. LOL...don't get "COLD" started :D

  6. Just saw this thread and then check on the BBC new website, I couldn't see anything about him being arrested, just that he has been called to a tribunal, with the ship's owners saying he may have 'commited errors'.

    Here is the link:

    This seems more than likely, as I don't see how a ship that makes such regular voyages could vear so far off-course in calm weather.
  7. The captain isn't even on the bridge a good chunk of the time, but ultimately he's responsible for whatever happens.
  8. The only thing missing from this cruise ship is the cast of Jersey Shore.