Italian Option Chains

Discussion in 'Options' started by nonprophet, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Does anyone happen to know a place for Option chains on Italian stocks as traded on IDEM Milan that include Open Interest?

    IB does not provide open interest on these nor does the exchange, except on a per-contract lookup ( example, click C or P in Call or Put column). It's difficult to compare liquidity this way.

    Perhaps an Italian dataservice?

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    Are you able to trade IDEM stock options with IB?
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    I don't understand why open intrest is that important to you, if the price is right you should be able to trade, that's important. Even when there is not open intrest in one series, if the other series are liquid a market maker will always be ready to make a sharp price.
  4. Any good option trading opportunities in Italy?
  5. Good point, ha! As it turns out that’s not possible: you can trade exactly two index futures and one future option in Italy!

    Yes I thought I had spotted a good opportunity, subscribed to the feed and asked permit and got the chains in perfectly. An inquiry at IB explained that any security disseminated through Euronext will display in TWS but is not necessarily tradable.

    So I scaled back my search from open interest to just plain online access……