Italian Hostage Executed in Iraq

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  1. Italian Hostage Executed in Iraq

    Whose fault is it?




    Bin Laden?

    US occupation?



    Islam religion?

    Italy for not withdrawing troops?
  2. My friend just told me that there are a lot of jobs available in Iraq through private sector companies contracting with the U.S. government. In fact, one job was a networking job that paid $105,000 per year, tax-free and expenses paid. Unfortunately, part of the reason that the pay is so good is because of the high-risk involved with being over in that area.

    So I would assume that anyone going there as a civilian contractor would know the risks quite well and also know that their government probably won't bail them out if they are used as a pawn in the larger game.

    Sad, but what can be done?
  3. The blame clearly lies with that pasta eating Jerkoff, Berlusconi, who decided that he would go ahead and lick the shit-soaked boots of Dubya, by attacking Iraq...
  4. They are like animals!
  5. 1. Islam religion.
    2. Terrorists.
  6. Well, there are enough extremists to go around I see ...
    Baruch, I think animals are better than that; and blaming Islam itself must be the one of the dumbest choice of them all.
  7. Aphie, so you're indicating that the (foreign) workers themselves may be to blame?

    But... that... that wasn't one of the... choices... so... you now must give yourself over to... the terrorists/militants to become a hostage and... get executed.

    No, no, really, I mean it - look, it's part of the rules of this thread!

  8. Islam is a devil and cruel religion. It makes people crazy.
  9. Are you crazy? Would you also be against the war against Hitler?
  10. I'm not blaming them for their own deaths -- I'm just going to go along with your initial point and say that, literally speaking, the only person responsible for the hostage's death are the killers who killed him.

    Why they killed him goes into the endless list of possible responsible parties ....
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