Italian Bond yields to hit 8% by end of this week!! *CELEBRATION*

Discussion in 'Trading' started by spanish89, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Market smashed through 7% yield,
    is now at 7.25% just 10minutes after breaking through 7%,
    who else thinks the trend-chasers can drag this to 8% by the end of the week?? :D

    Ive been holding my S&P short for about 2weeks now,
    not willing to cash it in until i see blood in the streets!

    The referendum saga was nice, but wasn't causing true panic and terror to investors,
    however if Italt hits 8% i see there being some real blood in the streets!! :D :cool: :p
  2. Problem is that Europe has not enough money to bail out Italy.

    European leaders will come out with something new that will push it higher again.
  3. 4minutes after i posted this thread and the yield is now upto 7.345!! :D :p

    Fcuk end of the week, if it carries on at this pace i could likely be seeing 8% before lunch (in 2hours)! :p
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    every professional and experienced manager in an armani suit will tell you- it can't go any further, you should buy more italian bonds!
    trade against the trend, its how big boys make $$$ cashingo.

    - what if you'll lose few billions of your clients money trading this way?
    - who cares, the public will bail my firm, transfer $5M as my compensation and i'll buy another mansion.

    the biggest amounts of money in the world are managed in the worst possible way- exactly like a ponzi scheme.
    yet the owners of the capital refuse to see it. they reject the idea of trend following strategies and choose to trade against the obvious trends on a massive leverage.

    mamma mia, party time!
  5. Who gives a single toss if the banks and/or governments are corrupt or immoral?? :confused: :)

    I don't pay a single penny in taxes, never have,
    and have no care or even opinion on what the government/banks do.. :D

    All i care about is that my trades are positions to capitalise on whatever they choose to do.
  6. Print more money goddamnit....
  7. You have never seen blood on the streets, youngster. If you would have, you would be a bit more humble...
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  9. My friend my trading career was born in 2008,
    where i turned £759 into over £36,500 in 12months (whilst withdrawing £2,000 per month, every month, to pay my rent/food/bills)!

    And so real blood on every street, in every country, when the vix is at the 65-80 level, is where i really dominate! :D :cool: :p

    But like i said, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever to me or my lifestyle no matter how severe a depression the economy may have,
    not a single bit of difference! :)
  10. Why the fcuk is S&P only down 2.25%??! :eek: :confused:

    Italy is basically now declaring bankruptcy,
    when yield hits 8% they going to start pissing their pants,
    and WHEN it hits 10% its time for another wonderful glorious global meltdown and recession....!! :D

    But so why on earth aren't the markets being RANSACKED??!!

    I dont want just a down-day or a steep drop i want total RANSACKING!!!

    Dow crashing down 650-1,000points in just 1session, the us dollar rocketing 8-8% against aud and eur in the session, crude oil just totally collapsing, buy-and-hold investors rolling on the floor crying whilst pissing their pants! :D :cool: :p
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