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  1. a decade or so ago italian bond futures where traded on liffe they were volatile with reasonable volume. liffe then stopped trading them, are they still traded anywhere else on any other exchange?
  2. BTP no longer exists as a futures contract, due to the fact that the Lira no longer exists as a currency. All EMU currency bonds are hedged using the the Bund, Bobl and Schatz contracts on Eurex.

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    Ahhhhh, BTP the greatest bond futures that ever traded.

    Fortunes were quickly made and lost in that market normally on consecutive days:D
  4. checking big fugures was the way of life!!!!!
  5. does that mean that you can't trade french or spanish goverment bond futures contracts as well?

  6. i remember reading about a futures trader who made 30million one year trading italian government bond futures i think he was called crawley.
  7. Terry Crawley. He no longer trades. Yeah, someone went running to The Sun newspaper about him, they called it 'Rugs to Riches'.
  8. Spanish Bono's and Matif Notionel died about the same time. MATIF tried to list a Euro Bond Future, but since DTB (which then became Eurex) had already rolled liquidity from the Deutschmark Bund into the Euro Bund, it was a failure.

  9. that was it.
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    If I recall correctly from my time at LIFFE, Crawley used to be a carpet fitter (explains the rugs to riches headline) :)
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