It would be a great feature if esignal

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  1. It would be a great feature if esignal allows to display some fundamental data columns in the portfolio window, also it would be great to be able to add multiple comment/note columns in the portfolio (i.e. comment1, comment2, etc), so that the user can use the portfolio window as a watchlist maintenance tool as well as a portfolio tracking tool at the same time. The different comment/note column can be used to specify different criterio name or watchlist name or simple note for various condition, while applying sorting to different comment column may do a quick screnning. Moreover, to implement these features only very little effort is required while it may bring much convenience to the users.

    One more minor thing: the edition/modification of the portfolio seems a little awkward. Why can not just double click those fields to modify them, just like using a spreadsheet? Also there is no way to add a transaction into the log file if it is added to the log file at the first time (you can not add a transaction to the log file by modifying it).

    It also would be a great feature to link a chart to some symbol cell in a quote window. For example, linking a chart to the third symbol in a quote window. By this way, the user only need to create a set of advanced charts within a layout or page, and using a dynamic symbol list file the user may control which stocks he want to view within the layout. Further more, eSignal may even add a "slideshow" feature so that if the user create 10 advanced charts on the screen and have a 50 symbols in his watchlist, then the 10 charts may display the first 10 symbols in the watchlist, then after a preset interval, say 20 seconds, the 10 charts may automatically display the next 10 symbols within that watchlist. Then the trader may just glance the screen without the need to be busy in clicking mouse to go through those symbols one by one. Again, there is little effort required because the current linkage feature can be modified slightly to link a chart to a cell in the quote window.

    These are just a few items on my long wishlist for a greate trading software which is more user friendly and capable of much more automation features than the current commential softwares in the market. Although I have spent more than three years in eSignal EFS programming and eSignal's EFS is the best tool I can find in the market to implement my ideas, I have to say it is still far from perfect in terms of speed and flexibility. But it is great to see eSignal is making progress with each new release.

    -- Clearpicks
  2. Hi Clearpicks,

    Thanks for all the suggestions. In regards to the Quote window, we are planning to make major changes to this area in upcoming versions of eSignal. I don't have any information in the way of timeframes, but we are looking at ways in which we can improve portfolio entries and the like. With EFS2 on the way, there will be some significantly improved methods for creating custom studies, (all of which are backward compatible with the existing code).

    I'm forwarding the contents of your post over to the Product Development Team for review and possible consideration into the upcoming releases. If there is anything that you would like to add at a later time, you can email the suggestions to Keep em' coming...
  3. Does Esignal have any near-term plans to allow a subscriber to filter time sales data for trade size? In other words, I would like to be able to filter out, in the ES for example, trades of 50 lots or less. This would allow me to see institutional buying or selling, and avoid getting caught up in the "blur" of smaller lots zooming down the window. This, I believe, is similiar to the Institutional Volume Filter (IVF) found on Trade Maven.
  4. I use the time and sales on every page and do just that now. In the filters off the right click, there's a min price and min volume filter. If you dont want to see anything of 50 or less, just set the filter to 51.

    The only downside to the filter is that it sticks to the window and it can be a problem if you switch symbols and forget to take off the filter.

    I usually set up a series of these windows and just keep the same type of symbol in each one to avoid the problem.

  5. O.K. I was using the T&S for Standard Charting. I didn't know there was also a T&S using Advanced Charting as well. Got it set up thanks.