It works? Getting into an elevator going down, if you're going up?

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  1. Watching crowded elevators got me thinking:

    Some people going up, get into elevators going down -to the parking basements-, or else they won't be able to get in, as elevators get completely filled in the basements.

    A stock market analogy?
  2. Exactly.

    Always buy on the bottom tic

  3. But never sell the top tick?
  4. Always sell the top tic.

    Unfortunately neither tic is labeled basement or roof.
    We have to work that one out as best we can.

  5. Shaqi


    The difference with an elevator is you know where its going to stop, market noone has clue - yes noone knows for sure when it will stop going down.

    A proper analogy is - get in an elevator with a bottomless pit that leads to hell and beyond and hope that it will stop and reverse to go up.
  6. Very good. Only you have to remember that if you get too many people in an elevator, it might be too much weight and the cables snap. Then your dead.
  7. Why bottomless?

    Stocks can't go below zero.
  8. yayt


    Are you willing to get on at the 5th floor, ride it all the way down to, possible, the ground floor, and then go back up to the 10th floor?

    With elevators, it will always go back up - same can't be said for BSC LEH FNM FRE etc etc etc
  9. yayt


    To keep the analogy going, most people would only be willing to risk going down as much as 2 or 3 floors before they give up and take the stairs. lol
  10. ah but you need to be patient to "buy the dip"...meaning, let the chaps go to the bottom utility room and then vator comes up to your floor to "take you higher" and sell on the "penthouse floor"...slam dunk
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