It was a size 10

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  1. You know... 10.00, 10.000 :D

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  2. 9999


    "A truly bizarre incident..."
    Yeah, right.
  3. I wish he got him.
  4. Did you see how fast secret service protected the president? What if that’s was something a little deadlier than a shoe? Some servicemen are getting fired. My arthritic grandmother would react better than that.
  5. I doubt guns, knives or explosives would have made it past security checks. His shoes did. and throwing a shoe is a standard Arab reaction of disgust. No one said he intended to seriously wound the President. He was trying to insult him
  6. kut2k2


    Given how they have US citizens all taking off our shoes at airports after that "shoe bomber" fuckup, you'd think they would be on the lookout for something like that. :p

    Secret Service asleep at the switch. No way he should have been able to throw that second shoe.

    Prediction: barefoot news conferences from here on. :D
  7. In that case, throwing belt buckles would be the next step :D
  8. I am not from the USA, but non-the-less I support USA. I believe the USA under Bush has made the right decisions on international affairs. You have to hand it to Bush, he doesnt't waiver even after he realises he has said something that doesnt make sense or shown some ignorance. I belive if Bush didn't exist the world might be a less tense place short term, but long term it would be closer to the abyss.

    Rather Viva USA than Viva Russia or China
  9. You admire him for not being ashamed of being dumb and ignorant? That’s dumb, and how exactly is that he’s made this a better world? Please explain that, if you may.
  10. You will notice that nowhere have i said i admire Bush. He bumbles his way along, but stands convinced. USA would probably have made similar decisions under another President, given the info presented. An example of this is : watch Obama position on the missile shield in Eastern Europe. He will stand fast on it.
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