It was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean this weekend

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    It was 84 degrees F near the Arctic Ocean this weekend
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    ..."Eighteen of the 19 warmest years on record for the planet have occurred since 2000, and we keep observing these highly unusual and often record-breaking high temperatures."

    On record. That is an important point. The earth is like what, 5 billion years old? Nobody has a clue as to that scale. Might as well try to figure out infinity.
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    All we have to do is listen.

  5. Rate change. Natural processes allow for migration and evolutionary adaptation. This chart is May 6, 2010 and climbing.
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    While the current warming trend is troubling, climatic cycles have been going on since before man populated our planet. Now that we are here, is it unrealistic to think that we are influencing the natural cycle of things by industrialization? Probably not a far fetched idea. But only now that we have built so many cities near the oceans edge at this stage of "mankind" do we perceive it as a real threat.
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