It turns out that buses won't run on Jel. Imagine that!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Minnesota now requires that all diesel run on a 2% biodeisel blend. This is a great idea except that it gets cold in Minnesota, and when it gets cold biodesil turns to GEL. Turns out, the engines on school buses wont run on gel, imagine that!

    So because the buses wont run on gel when it gets cold in Minnesota several Minnesota school districts had to cancel classes. Can't start the buses, kids can't get to school if you can believe that. But, that's not actually the worst part. School nurses had to treat several children for hypothermia because they got stranded on buses who's heaters wouldn't run since the engines don't run on gel! Imagine that!

    So the solution they have come up with in Minnesota is to let the buses idil. Yep, you know, run them 24/7 and use more of those evil fossil fuels that they are so bad for us that we should let our children become hypothermic and miss class.

    The lawmakers in Minnesota think that this JEL is such a good idea, that they plan to eventually require all diesel sold in Minnesota to run on twnety percent blend! Yep, JENIOUS!!! With a friggin J!
  2. They need to put those friggin' idiots in JEL for being that stupid with their (our) money.
  3. Agh...not to worry. Franken will take care of it.
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    The California Air Resources Board mandated MTBE be put in gasoline. It was a carcinogen that poisoned the water everywhere.. it took them a couple of years to phase it out even after the public was informed it was killing people... it was a lot cheaper than gasoline and it cost more!! The refiners thought that one up...
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    Just remember, we are doing it "For the children!"
  6. Gotta love it "For the Children".

    Booyah, "For the Children" a token of our affection,, you're welcome.