It took Obama 2 months to decide on a dog for his kids

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ang_99, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. and he wants to change the entire health care system in the same amount of time. :eek: :confused: :( :mad:
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    BO is such a dick. I've worked for narcissistic people that always lied and made up false deadlines and shoved their agenda down everybody's throat. There was some legislation a while back, I can't recall what it was but BO made Congress work around the clock to pass it then he sat on it for four days and finally signed it.. he keeps all the options on his side of the table, congress doesn't have time to read things and everything is a huge emergency, then it's his turn and he takes his sweet time... I wonder if he reads anything he signs? I will never forget that first press conference where, on camera, he turns to one of his guys and asks him what he just signed!! That was a huge, huge, telling moment! The guy is an amateur, a puppet, when he gets off his prepared teleprompter responses to his orchestrated press meetings he says really stupid racial tension stirring things like the racist lawyer he is... These Democrats swept themselves into power on a wave of "hate Bush" promulgated by the malpracticing news organizations we have in the USA, it was eight straight years of total onslaught [speaking of Total Onslaught, those that are interested should google that title for videos] by the press to destroy the Bush White House... so they rode in on this wave of hatred and now they look like pikers and losers and old folks are about to be thrown off the lifeboat by BO Pelosi and company... anybody that doesn't hate the Left should wake the hell up before they too get tossed under the bus wheels...

  3. In the halfrican's defense, it took a while to find a dog that would not chase him up a tree everytime he got close.