It this market being proped up?

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Who is proping this market up?

  1. No one, it's the natural order of things

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  2. Plunge Protection Team (PPT)

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  3. Insititutional traders,

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  4. Retail Investors / buy the dip investors

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  1. It this market being proped up? Artifically held up? What do you think?

    I certainly think so but why? If someone could enlighten me
  2. Really?

    Is there a clear definition of PPT?

    Plunge Protection Team?
  3. Maverick74


    When traders ask this question it usually means they are short and it usually means they are losing money. Occam's Razor...the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
  4. ==================
    :D ;
    That or perhaps never really noted the main differrences between bull & bear narkets.

    However thinking along those lines wondreed why in the
    %%!@**!! some would buy QQQQ that far below 50dma,
    looks like it should be sold, not moving it up again.:cool:
  5. or they are wondering what changed so much to cause 9 points of profit from the market lows, evaporate.

    I've been short for some time now but over the last few months have become very curious of why in the last 1 hours the markets shift only to resume their directions in the comming days.

    Program trading? maybe?
  6. Maverick74


    I don't know how long you have been trading but I see nothing unusual. During 2001 when the market was in freefall, we had many rallies that always got sold the last hour of the day. The longs kept asking why does the mkt always selloff the last hour. The answer.....because it's weak.

    Now we have a pretty strong market that is just for all practical purposes a few ticks off the highs, and sure enough, the mkt is being bought the last hour. This is nothing new under the sun. No conspiracy.
  7. I am thinking coiled spring for tomorrow's action. Manipulated? I don't know, nor do I care. We're going higher tomorrow.
  8. I've responded "No one, it's the natural order of things" because I think the stock market has a propensity to go up for the same reason the oil market is going up, and the stock market has no problem with higher oil prices as long as they don't go up too fast.

    Long oil/long stocks.
  9. First off, you need to try spelling the word PROPPED correctly.
    I'm with Mav, no conspiracy theories here.
  10. Apologies for the spelling... flucked it in 4th grade and never got any better...

    I don't belive in the consp therory. However I do wonder if the market participants... especially the late arrivals at the end of the day are "hoping" for something great to show up and propel this higher.

    We are not SO oversold that things are a bargain basement price. In fact we are no "cheaper" than before Katrina struck. Unless you sold some time ago as in the case fo yours trully.

    I just think there is a lot more damage, both in humanatrain perspectives and economical perspective that is NOT being shown.

    Times like these make it hard for traders not to THINK about, but just FOLLOW the market. I've been at this game some 10 years and the bombings you knew that we could get over and move on quick, hence the rally... But Katrina... is kinda' like 9-11 in that the damage assesments take a lot longer hence the markets you would THINK would suffer more.

    Please excuse my ramblings. Just trying to widen my perpective. I have been know to get tunnel vision! :D
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