It takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place

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  2. Your posts always add value. I know when I click on your threads I will either be mildy interested, intrigued or confused....but either way its always pleasant.
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    Thank you.
  4. Viewing this post also confirmed that the human mind can format what it sees in to something similar, but completely different. I thought this said: "Van Halen" when I first glanced at it! :)
  5. What purpose could the human race serve other than self-serving unto itself?
  6. Van Halen rockz! :D
  7. this is nothing to do with Wall Street News should be in chat
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    Yes, thanks for putting this up. I never heard of the guy, but now I am very interested to find out more about him. Sounds like the kind of guy I would have loved to converse with.

    Nitro, How were you introduced to him?
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  10. +1

    A great post, Nitro. WHETHER OR NOT it's directly a Wall St. story.

    The human race is so sadly misguided.

    Our highest calling is not self-gratification or new consumer goods. IMO, our greatest calling is KNOWING *our* Earth. Being kind & in harmony with both animals & nature.

    Those of you with children (you raised & love) can relate that the best feelings you'll ever experience are when you warmly connect with another living creature, enabling, ennobling or empowering it. This tranference of energy could come in the form of physical affection, verbal communication or other.

    This is why I've been staunchly vegetarian for so long; it's not because I'm trying to cut down on cholesterol.

    When an earthling lives to KNOW and BE KIND TO other earthlings, it's a religious joy that few know.

    I hope all of you find it.

    As for me, while I'd heard of Van Valen before, I'll be looking to read more about his theory.

    For those unfamiliar:'s_Hypothesis

    BTW, I almost fell asleep twice today trading spoos. Sure I'm not the only one.

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