IT Support in Houston TX?

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  1. Any recommendations for a good all-round IT support service in Houston TX? Client is a single work-from-home user doing mainly graphics work (Photoshop) need support from time to time, modem, router, software support.
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    Google all it problems
  3. The client is a lady who is great at graphics but with no interest in learning about anything else. Anybody use the Geek Squad from BestBuy?
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    If you knew what they were about, you would not ask that question. Avoid them. Find a local in the yellow pages.
  5. Thanks, good to know. What is their angle - upselling?

    How do I find a good support service? All I can think of is to ask around like this.
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    That is the basic premise...

    The other problem is that they utilize pimple-faced youngins to "diagnose tech issues".

    These kids have no idea what they are doing. They just run the standard anti-virus suites when someone brings in a computer that has issues. Then they will probably tell you that your computer is beyond repair, and offer "data recovery services" for another fee, as they sell you their pre-packaged bullshit which has the same diagnostic software they used to diagnose the problem, pre-loaded onto the machine that they are trying to sell you.

    It is all bollocks. The business model works because people are dumb.

    If you know a young kid, ask THEM to fix your machine. Or an old dinosaur. The folks in the middle are pointless.

    Dir /a dude
  7. Heh, thanks :)

    There are a lot of companies that advertise 'support' and the ones that I have had anything to do with to date are pretty much like you describe - pimply-faced urchins with no actual clue apart from 'reinstall windows and buy new hardware', no actual diagnostics - saw that happen on a friends laptop that the Win 10 update had trashed. I'm in the dinosaur category and I can take care of myself but I don't want to become responsible for this client, I just want to help her find a good IT guy and step aside - I just built her a new machine as favor and I don't want to get sucked into a support role.
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    Today I learned that qualified data recovery assistance is very expensive. Can I try to restore the files that were removed? For example, through the program Uneraser. Who has such an experience?