It seems market bottoms can be predicted

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    ... but not perfectly
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    see the image
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    more market bottoms
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    What is MSI at the bottom of the chart? Thks
  5. Damn, I knew someone would eventually find the indicator that I had been using to make those bottom calls.
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    market sentiment index?
  7. How about the tops?
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    msi is a combination of market sentiment indicators and macro economic data
  9. Predicting short term movements in indexes and short term movements of stocks is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. By short term I mean looking ahead a couple minutes to an hour.

    Predicting bottoms is even easier. We all knew the nasdaq wasnt going to keep going lower. Atleast I did whihc is what I was saying back in July and August where everyone here was was bearish.
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    thanks for posting that indicator. is there a data vendor that supplies the msi indicator?

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