It seemed cheaper to eat out than go to the store - even before this

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  1. better healthwise for you too. a fixed # of calories in a finite amount of food, hard to overeat this like at home :D
  2. I've noticed this too. Make a spaghetti/meatballs w sauce with bread etc, I end up spending $35 by the time I leave the store. Screw it, I can buy 2 spaghetti take out dinners for $25.
  3. Exactly.

    And, a Dominoes deep dish medium *delivered* feeds my family of 4 (barely, 1 teen, 1 pre-teen) for $21 delivered all-in w/tip!

    Screw the grocery store.
  4. $5 cheese or pepperoni pizza at little ceasars. That will last me for a full 24 hours of food.

  5. disagree

    i go to Whole Food a couple times a week... buy sandwich meat (turkey, roast beef, etc.), lettuce, bread etc. etc. - all organic and healthier.

    I can make more sandwiches and meals then what you suggest.

    absolutely more economical if you are not lazy. LOL
  6. jem


    when it my turn to deal with dinner- once a week - 4 kids, two adults... I like to go the the market get an 8 an dollar rotisserie family sized chicken -and put it on a bed of pasta. (so to speak).

    Depending on who good the jar of sauce is - it can be a great meal.
  7. Or stupid
  8. Sure it's cheaper to build a lunchmeat & lettuce sammich @home but @subway i get all the salad fixin's on my bun!

    green pepper
    sweet peppers
    black olives

    i get all these, literally a mixed salad on a fresh baked bun (wholewheat, italian, oatmeal etc)with whatever meat you want...

    roast beef

    try THAT @home, can't do that cheaper !:D

    Subway rocks :cool:
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