it really is a game

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  1. So I guess the thing to do is to have our children play EverQuest. By the time they are ready to go to college they can sell their virtual character and virtual treasures to pay for the tuition. :)
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    wow! a heck of article and I can see running a virtual brothel is even better value for your money than the real life phone chat.
  3. i used to know something sold more than 2000USD worth of things from diablo II on ebay.

    he's calculations are phony, because he only accounting for the fact that only a small amount of people are selling virtual goods online. if everyone else started to sell their own gear, price will drop. the law of supply & demand will hold.

    same thing happened in the diablo II world on ebay. i remember that person was selling alot of things at over 20-25 USD a peice in the beginning, the price drop to 10 a few month later. go figure.

    "Men play as women characters partly for the kinky thrill, but also because female characters are given random presents of free stuff by other players, a chivalric custom known as "gifting." "

    that is just homo! i think they need to get laid by a real person.

    "Kiblinger introduced me to one of his clients, Becky Ruttenbur, a thirty-seven-year-old woman in Montana. Outside the game she's a single mother; inside she is "married" to another virtual character, played by a soldier who is currently stationed in Iraq."

    i think the trend is trying to tell you something.

    "What, precisely, is the legal status of virtual property?"

    virtual property here does not apply to most people. because the rest of us are living in the real world. when there's less demand than supply = drop in value.

    maybe that's why i didnt like role playing game in the first place. not enough blood spilling on the screen, compare to first person shooter games.

  4. LOL!!:D . It's not too hard to get laid in real life, but I suppose it's easier in the virtual world.

    I've heard some players in 3rd world countries employed in sweat shops that play for points to sell on ebay. Go figure.
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    Project Entropia is free of charge, meaning that you don't have to purchase any boxed version or pay any monthly fees to join our virtual universe. Instead, Project Entropia will use a real economy system that allows you to exchange real money for a Project Entropia currency. This virtual currency is then used to buy any items you want inside the virtual universe. You will also be able to exchange the Project Entropia currency back into the real currency again. It's also possible to earn money by participating in Project Entropia. You will have the opportunity to create, find, trade and sell all sorts of items. You will also be able to perform actions, quests and adventures that may enable you to earn even more money. This is what makes Project Entropia one of the most innovative experiences in on-line entertainment.

    The virtual currency is Project Entropia Dollars (PEDs) and Project Entropia Cents (PECs). The currency rate will be set at 10 PEDs = 1 US Dollar.
  7. the supply and demand logistics of ebay and the sex lives of online gamers are beside the point.

    what's really interesting is between the lines: what it says about the real world, and how easily real world concepts can be transported, almost wholly intact, into a *virtual* world, without planning or intention.
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    Announcement: Dynamic Price Index
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    Hello mates!

    I'm happy to announce the release of the Dynamic Price Index. This index will be updated by the Calypso traders, miners and crafters so that we can try to find as close to a true market value as possible.

    There are currently 10 people who have volontered to help out with this but that might not be enough. If you feel that you can contribute to keeping this index as correct as possible feel free to write me or Magnum so we can give you a login ID and Password.

    or use the Price index link further down on the frontpage.

  9. Thank you for posting that insightful paper on EverQuest.

    Who knew we could learn about reality from fantasy?
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