It official, trading will kill you

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    I have a problem. I just met a girl and am starting to like her. But I also see it as a potential distraction to my trading career as right now I'm beginning an attempt to grow my small account up to the sky. Instead of spending my time planning what my next move in trading should be, I'm being distracted with thoughts about this girl. What should I do???

    If you have to choose, would you choose money or girls???

  2. You can have both :)

    But if i had to choose, then there is not contest :D

    "His wife left him, but [Michael] Marcus was too busy to notice. Trading from a beachside mansion in California, he was waking up every two hours throughout the night to place three-hundred-million-dollar bets on currency markets in Australia, Hong Kong, Zurich, and London."
  3. i would enjoy the girl since most people fail as traders. as you get older its harder to met girls if you don't have any money.
  4. Choose a rich girl so you can say f*ck trading.
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    Correct answer! :)
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    Somehow, I agree with you.

    Plenty of other fishes in the sea, right?
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    What are you making money for anyway? Isnt' it so that you can enjoy yourself?
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    What do you mean?


    I've just dropped the girl so I can focus all my energy into trading. Money or happiness? I choose money. The fire has been lit.
  9. You got it mixed up at first, glad you understood it later on.

    We created money to get women. So first get money, then get the women.
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