It looks like the Bush administration didn't prevent further terrorist attacks

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  2. Good. The good people of my country were doing exactly what they should be doing when under siege. Protecting itself.

    However, since they have had this fellow for 6-8 months now, it doesn't take a genius to understand why they have leaked the story now, and through an ideologically friendly paper to boot. If you need clarification on the political reasons for the timing of this story Mav, pm me.

    Makes one shudder at what the Administration hasn't leaked.
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    No, I disagree. I think most of these guys that we have caught are not talking. Saddam hasn't said shit and we have had him for a few months now. Who knows what these people are saying and not saying. And I also disagree with you that they should not be releasing valuable information that they learn from these guys. It does nothing to help our national security. When are people going to learn that sometimes, its better we not know everything. This insatiable demand we have to know everything right now is a joke. Sometimes we need to be patient and let the cards fall where they may.
  4. 1) Why do you think most of these guys are not talking?
    2) If they are not talking, then everyone knows what they are not saying, which would be any concievable string of sounds.
    3) How can you disagree with me that they should not be releasing info when I did not state an opinion as to whether they should or should not be releasing info?
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    Because you were implying that they released this info only for political gain. That they had this information for months and only now are they releasing it. I for one think they should not be releasing any info unless its completely irrelevant. I'm so tired of having the ability to read all our classified government information on the Drudge Report.
  6. Of course they released it for political purposes, to counter the Clarke firestorm!
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    Yes, I'm aware that they did it for political reasons, that was my point. I wish they hadn't. It's you guys on the left that attack the Bush administration for not going public with information then when they do, you attack him. I think the Bush administration should keep all information related to Iraq and 9/11 classified unless it is deemed completely irrelevant. You can't have it both ways Slamma.
  8. Things do not really add up in the article. Who was going to implement the plan for Chicago and LA towers. Moussaoui alone? I don't think so? Who were other suspects? Were they arrested, did they escape? Were they taking classes in flying schools? What schools? Did they leave the country? When? Are they still in the country?

    Why would they want to do it in two steps, WTC and Washington first and LA and Chicago second as opposed to doing it simultaneously which would have an even more powerful affect?

    They (the terrorists) are crazy, not stupid. They must have realized that if they succeded the first time, they were unlikely to succeed the second time around with exactly the same plot.

    Has Khalid's story been corraborated by witnesses, documents or other facts or he just made it up to get Bush re-elected? :D

    It's not that the article is not true, but it leaves too many questions unanswered.
  9. But I never attacked them for releasing the info Maverick. (Nor do my views place me on the "left". There are many on the right who support abortion, many Republicans who do. But this is a different beef)

    Nor have I attacked them for not having released information. The panel headed by Kean - a Republican and head of my alma mater - are big boys, they know what belongs behind closed doors and I trust to know what the public is entitled to know.

    The administration, as you agree, releases information for political gain. Therefore, it follows that they would withold information to avoid political damage. Thus, an independent commission should assess ALL the data and make a decision that is in the best interests of the country as to what should be released. I can't think of another way. Maybe they should agree to delay the results of thier post mortem until after the Islamic threat abates.
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