It looks like everyone hates GS. Does it do anything good for public?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by apple, Apr 13, 2009.

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    A firm with such scale will be a disaster for public if they do things just for their own interest.
  2. Do you do anything for the public or just for your own interest?

    GS's customers must like them or they would not be in business.

    Employing people and paying taxes is not good for the public?
  3. apple


    The robber works for their own interest at the cost of others.
  4. They used to a top-tier private investment bank with uber contacts on the financial and political cutting edge. You had to have an IQ of at least 135 just to walk into the place on 85 Broad St, for gosh sakes!

    They didn't take no bullshit, but they took care of their own and everyone knew they were going to get paid.
    Now they are just a public whore-mongering, money hungry group of yahoo's who mix up their business interests with their political interests and continue the process of raping the American public (because they are too ... un-informed to know any better).

    Everything changes ... but I know the forefathers of these major financial institutions must be doing the proverbial roll-in-their-graves right about now.