It is worth to pay $125-per month for DasTrader having a small account?

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    Hi everyone!I'm planning to open an account with IB and the platform that i want to use with is DasTrader.The main reason is because i got used to trade with the DasTrader platform(i've been paper trading for quite a while) and i find it very comfortable and easy,at least for me.So i was wondering if it is worth to pay $125-per month to use DasTrader or there is another better option for me?I have this doubt because im going to open a small account($2000) and i dont know if the $125 that i have to pay for DasTrader are going to reduce a lot of percentage of my earnings(because i've been gaining small profits like $15/20 consistently and i think a $125 monthly payment it will cost me too much in my opinion).So what do you guys think?It is worth it?Or would you recommend me another option?
    Thanks in advance
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    Your capital is $2000 and your yearly tech costs will be $1500. With those numbers, trading will be an expensive hobby for you. Honestly, with only $2000, don't waste your time with trading until you can earn some more trading capital.
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    Unless you are already an expert trader and few if any expert traders have $2000 accounts, your goal should be to limit losses while you learn. The new micro mini contracts serve well for this. And yes, $125 a month is too much for you at this point.
  4. 1. A high platform cost vs. your capital is almost a certain recipe for disaster.

    2. The platform doesn't make success... it's all about the trader.

    3. There are lots of platforms available, many for free or low cost... like $10-$20/mo. Check into those.
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    Any business has expenses;
    yours are to much for your $2,000 capital. IB charts are good enough for swing/position trading, but they [IB] recommend 2 brokers.I've been real trading/investing for quite a while.

    BUT BUY some spiral notebooks+ record weekly+ monthly data+ 200 day moving average.Good questions,MPAS.:cool::cool: , :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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  7. +1

    And tuition costs money.
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    Books do to;
    a library card is free, but a good book is worth the price............................................
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    Any platform that you recommend in particular?
  10. Depends what you trade, but Fidelity, for one.... zero platform cost, $4.95/trade. In futures, AMP has Sierra Chart for zero platform... and then there's Rithmic.
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