It is time for a showdown - which group is more important for corporate America.

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    April 11, 2007

    SouthAmerica: Copy this posting on other forums and message boards that you know in the Internet - ASAP.

    Let’s test the economic power of “BOYCOTTING” the products of certain major American companies.

    Let’s put to a test if “White consumers” have the same “market power and clout” that “Black consumers” have with the major American corporations in the United States.

    Here is another example of how Americans have lost their capability of doing even a minimum amount of rational thinking.

    It is a disgrace what is happening right now to Don Imus.

    Al Sharpton has been most of the time nothing more than a bully and a trouble maker and with his rhetoric he is doing more damage to the black population than anything else – he is helping to divide the American population even further between Blacks and Whites

    This is the right time for the white population in the United States to show its force to the major American corporations by boycotting their products if they don't reverse their decisions regarding the Don Imus affair.

    Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama, a past guest on the show, told ABC News today he won't return and said he hopes Imus is fired.

    In my opinion, if Obama does not return to the Imus radio program that is his loss and not the audience of that show. Who cares if Obama does not return to the show?

    I could not careless if I ever see Obama on TV or anywhere for that matter – he won’t be around anyway when the real candidates are close to the finish line in November of 2008.

    The real candidates for both parties are no even in the presidential race as yet.

    Here is what Americans should consider regarding Don Imus:

    In one hand, he said a racially inflammatory term that insulted a group of people – and later he apologized profusely for his mistake and the pain that he caused to this group of black young girls from Rutgers.

    In the other hand, he has been helping for many years hundred and hundreds of kids with cancer.

    It is “insane” that any rational person would think that Don Imus should lose his job because of this incident.

    Here is a list of companies that the public should boycott their products if you have any other alternative:

    GM, the world's biggest carmaker
    Sprint, the third- biggest mobile-phone company
    Staples Inc.
    Procter & Gamble Co.
    TD Ameritrade
    Bigelow Tea
    MSNBC – cable television
    CNBC – cable television
    NBC – regular television


    The Imus Ranch - a charitable organization involved with children who are afflicted with cancer.

    The Imus Ranch is a working cattle ranch of nearly 4,000 acres (16 km²) located in Ribera, New Mexico, 50 miles southeast of Santa Fe. It was founded in 1999 by long-time radio personality Don Imus and his wife Deirdre as a charitable organization that seeks to ensure the continuity of the lives of children who are afflicted with cancer.

    More recently, it has been opened to siblings of SIDS victims. It is incorporated in the State of New York and registered under subsection 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code as a non-profit organization.

    Corporate sponsors

    Numerous large corporations donate significantly to the Ranch. Major donors include Reader's Digest, for which the Ranch’s “locale” has been named, Unilever, and Wrangler Jeans, among others. Buildings at the Ranch have been named for major corporate donors.

    Imus Ranch Foods

    Organic food items and cleaning products are sold in large markets and online under the “Imus Ranch Foods” label. All after-tax profits from the sale of these products are donated to the Ranch.


    “MSNBC drops Imus”
    The cable network will no longer simulcast "Imus in the Morning."
    By Matea Gold, Times Staff Writer
    Los Angeles Times, April 11, 2007

    NEW YORK -- MSNBC is severing its relationship with Don Imus and ending the simulcast of his radio program because of ongoing internal concerns about the racially inflammatory term he used to describe the Rutgers University women's basketball team, officials announced today.

    "Effective immediately, MSNBC will no longer simulcast the "Imus in the Morning" radio program," read a statement from NBC News, which oversees the cable news network.

    "This decision comes as a result of an ongoing review process, which initially included the announcement of a suspension. It also takes into account many conversations with our own employees."

    The move comes a week after Imus describe the basketball team as "nappy-headed hos," triggering fierce condemnation.

    "Imus in the Morning," a production of New York sports station WFAN-AM, has been simulcast on MSNBC since the cable news channel launched in 1996. The show draws millions of listeners, but less than 400,000 television viewers.

    Nevertheless, the program was an inexpensive production for the third-place cable channel, and had recently enjoyed strong gains against CNN's morning programming.

    "What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company," the network said.

    "This is the only decision that makes that possible. Once again, we apologize to the women of the Rutgers basketball team and to our viewers. We deeply regret the pain this incident has caused."

    CBS Radio, which owns WFAN, released a statement shortly after NBC's announcement that reiterated its decision to suspend Imus for two weeks. The network did not say whether it would take any further action.

    "Don Imus has been suspended without pay for two weeks beginning on Monday, April 16," the statement read. "During that time, CBS Radio will continue to speak with all concerned parties and monitor the situation closely."

    NBC's move was applauded by Media Matters for America, the liberal media watchdog group that first spotlighted Imus' remark last week.

    "By canceling their simulcast of Don Imus on MSNBC, the National Broadcasting Co. has finally done the right thing," the group's president, David Brock, said. "We hope CBS Radio will again follow NBC's lead.

    "More and more Americans are coming to understand the damage done by major news organizations providing a platform for bigoted commentary and other conservative misinformation, and they are demanding change. MSNBC's decision is an important step in the right direction."


    GM, Sprint Halt Ads on Don Imus Show, Joining Exodus
    By Crayton Harrison and Greg Bensinger
    Bloomberg News
    April 11, 2007

    April 11 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Corp. and Sprint Nextel Corp. suspended advertising on Don Imus's show, joining at least four other advertisers in protesting the radio host's racially charged comments.

    The companies were the two largest advertisers on Imus's MSNBC simulcast, spending more than $1 million combined last year, according to New York-based researcher TNS Media Intelligence.

    GM, the world's biggest carmaker, halted advertising indefinitely, spokeswoman Ryndee Carney said. Sprint, the third- biggest mobile-phone company, did the same. The companies follow Staples Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., TD Ameritrade and Bigelow Tea in refusing to advertise after Imus called the Rutgers University women's basketball team ``nappy-headed hos'' on April 4.

    ``We do not want our advertising associated with content which we, our customers and the public find offensive,'' Sara Krueger, a spokeswoman for Reston, Virginia-based Sprint Nextel said in an e-mail.

    The defection of advertisers may step up pressure on CBS Radio and MSNBC, which this week suspended Imus for two weeks because of the remarks.

    Civil-rights leaders including Rev. Al Sharpton have called for Imus's dismissal. U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama, a past guest on the show, told ABC News today he won't return and said he hopes Imus is fired.

    Bruce Gordon, the former head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and now a director of CBS Corp., told the Associated Press today that he hopes Imus is fired.

    ``He's crossed the line, he's violated our community,'' Gordon said, according to the Associated Press. ``He needs to face the consequence of that violation.''

    Imus Apology

    Imus has apologized and yesterday said he will serve the suspension ``with dignity.'' Team members yesterday said they plan to meet with Imus to hear him apologize in person.

    Shares of New York-based CBS, owner of CBS Radio, fell 41 cents to $30.99 at 4 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. Fairfield, Connecticut-based General Electric, owner of MSNBC, rose 7 cents to $34.95. New York-based Westwood One Inc., which syndicates the show in the U.S., fell 5 cents to $6.79.

    Karen Mateo, a spokeswoman for CBS Radio, declined to comment. Jeremy Gaines, a spokesman for MSNBC, and Peter Sessa, a spokesman for Westwood One, didn't immediately return calls seeking comment.

    Detroit-based GM spent $691,700 last year on Imus's MSNBC show, according to TNS. Carney wouldn't comment on how much the carmaker spends. Sprint spent $363,000, TNS said.

    TD Ameritrade Holding Corp., the online brokerage, is seeking to remove itself from the MSNBC advertising rotation that includes Imus's show, said spokeswoman Kim Hillyer. TD Ameritrade, whose ads feature Law & Order star Sam Waterston, doesn't specifically advertise on Imus, she said.

    ``We evaluated the issue after the recent events and decided that it would be best for us to explore opportunities that would remove us from that particular rotation on MSNBC,'' Hillyer said.

  2. who gives a shit
  3. similar things have happened here in the uk the last few years.
    one particular old school commentator did not know the microphone was switched off and called a well known black professional soccer player 'a lazy black bastard'.

    the result was he lost all his work and everybody condemned him to hell.

    actually he was right in his observation he was a a lazy bastard and he was black. factually correct but politically incorrect.

    the same will happen here. this guy will be gone.
    you can build a 1000 bridges and be well known as a fantastic bridge builder all your life.

    you do one thing wrong and nobody cares what you did before.this guy will be known as a racist until the day he dies.

    its a shame and its bull****.
  4. Keyboardmatt: who gives a shit?


    April 12, 2007

    SouthAmerica: I do. And I am doing something about it.

    I posted the above information on various US forums in the internet.

    But I need help from other people since the more people get involved on this project and post a copy of the original posting on this thread on all kinds of forums and message boards - the faster the information will spread around the net.

  5. South america,

    Your idea will fuel the divide.

    "Al, your right, nappy headed ho has to go, we gave you Imus, you give us the rap industry."
  6. I'm amazed this one didn't get moved to chit chat.
  7. wave


    If races don't like being stereotyped then they should not support those who promote and proliferate the filth. Why haven't some of these hard core rappers been banned from the media and denied the right to sell the lyrics they write? If those lyrics ain't racist I don't know what is.

    Let's boycott Time Warner, EMI, etc.

    And we even present them with rewards on the TV. Let's get to the heart of the matter and get for real.
  8. wave


    So why hasn't anyone with direct or indirect relations to anyone on that list been fired or boycotted or shutdown. I think that list should be sent to Al Sharpton and Don Imus.
  9. pattersb

    pattersb Guest

    talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face ...

    I don't think the problem is too few hypersensitive people, but too many.

    Imus is now a martyr for the cause , the Death of political correctness, for that, he will one day be heralded in great halls built by the warriors who defeated the thought-police and liberated men to say whatever they damn well cared to, despite who it offended.

    And then again, Hillary "I never wanted to go on his show... he should be fired " Clinton or even worse, Barak "ease your white guilt, vote for an articulate black guy with virtually no experience" Obama could get elected.
  10. jem


    I have to say SA brings up a very interesting idea.

    I detest political correctness, but I also respect the free market of ideas and advertisers right to walk.

    I am just not sure if Imus is worth my effor.t

    He seems to have made money by being an idiot. So is getting his just reward.

    To me nappy headed hos is just not worth the fight. it is sort of over the type. I think purposely so. Whereas protecting the rights of the Duke students would have been.

    So SA I will join an anti PC group or a group that recognizes that the majority should have it say on many issues even if I am not in it. I am just not sure this is the one to make the stand.

    But I would like to see you talk me into it.
    #10     Apr 12, 2007