It is so quiet here today

Discussion in 'Events' started by rtharp, Apr 5, 2002.

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  1. Hey does anybody else notice how quiet the threads are since Don is away?
  2. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    LOL !!!!
  3. ROFL!
  4. Quiet and a slow market...
  5. tom_p


    Precisely because Don is absent, I take the liberty of utilizing this quiet period by recommending the following exercise in concentration and visualization. It has helped my trading immeasurably.

    Find what's wrong in the picture...
    Hint Turn the volume up on your speakers.

    (Don, if you're reading this, do not attempt this exercise)
  6. nitro



    You too! Yaaaawnn. Two, count them, two trades today. Oh well, it will pay for my two SDSL lines this month...

  7. nitro


    I think we should convince Baron to up Hitman's posts to 1100. Then delete this thread, and watch what happens when Don comes back.

    nitro :D :D

  8. Yeah my office golf is improving as the other traders in the office will tell you.

  9. iiphos


    geesh, you guys are brutal. the guy has heart surgery and this thread begins. hopefully, all goes well and don can come back and get a good laugh at the thread.
  10. It was so slow, we shut down and all went out to lunch; and that only happens about once every other month.
    #10     Apr 5, 2002
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