It is possible to turn a small forex account into $ Millions. Here is How...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by beyonder, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. prolly easier to do in markets where your broker isn't working against you (pretty much any market but retail spot fx). i don't know about monthly doubling, that's impossible to sustain for obvious reasons above a certain size. .. but doubling annually is definitely possible, within reason. it will get a lot harder as you grow

    trade futs or equities. the odds are bad in retail fx. why handicap urself
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    Not sure I totally agree with you there....I trade both Futures and FX and the slippage for larger orders is definitely greater on the futures markets than the FX.
    That being said I don't trade with retail FX houses, but unless your phone broking retail FX (as in calling and asking for specific price EG $/Yen in $100k) where your broker knows your position I can't see as electronic platforms do anything more than aggregate the total position risk to the he really cares about another $100k shorted, when his daily flow is net $2billion!!
    I use $2billion as a figure purely from knowledge of ODL securities in London....offers retail online accounts and also does huge Fund/commercial biz. But maybe thats not true of all retail houses....

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  3. yeah i hear ya. if you're trading interbank (not that i've ever watched it or have any intimate knowledge of it), i would assume the interference is removed, at least with regard to running of your own personal stops that i read so much about with small retail shops. if i had to trade fx, i would trade the futs
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    Let's get back to the original post by Beyonder who posted last on Feb, 27. 06 --

    and not get off track. He has made a proposition -- lets simply see how it works out.. Let's observe and learn --

    Back to you Beyonder -- waiting for your posts.....cheers.
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    I trade both at the moment...(2 different systems) have no probs with the futures 24 hrs...can have small issues with FX at certain times like $/SF after 4pm London time (especially Fridays) that you don't get with futures...

    Horses for courses I guess!

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    Sorry dude...thought he'd bailed!!! or blew up!! I'm moist with anticipation!

    Hopefully those who have been observing this thread have learned!

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    Sorry I have not been able to post trades on my $100 dollar account. I was busy with my main account and did not want to use those trades and charts for the $100 account, I will post those charts anyway. Since the time I started the thread I have a total of + 577 pips profit but on my main account so wont count. Anyway here are the charts
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    Not sure how to load them all, so done one by one
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    Here is the other
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    and the other
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