It is possible to turn a small forex account into $ Millions. Here is How...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by beyonder, Feb 27, 2006.

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    OK so many claims have been made about doubling your account in months, holy grails and what not. I am starting this thread to show folks here that it can be done. I have years of experience trading forex and I have opened a small forex account - $100 to prove the point (Oanda). I will post live trades and charts...
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    this is going to be interesting..pls indicate stops and/or take profit levels as well...
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    definately azmi, real account, real stops.
  4. if you pull that off you are my guru from now on:) .
    So what you're saiyng is that you want to double an account in a month, and do that predictable for a few months or what?
    Have you done that before, or are you trying that now for the first time?
  5. When you have finished your trading, pull out all the money
    from your Oanda account and post your username and login
    here so that the world can check your performance is for
  6. Ok, this has high hilarity potential.
    By all means, start when ready.

    My commodity paper trading, has consistently produced 2000-4000 % per year, doubling risked stop capital (margin is to difficult to calculate for me) roughly every three weeks minimum.
    Over two years mind you, starting a half a dozen times, and doubling losses at various points just to keep my method honest.

    what makes you so good?:p
  7. this from a forex site. long odds of making it:

    Many new traders believe all you need to profitably trade foreign currencies are charts, technical indicators and a small bankroll. Most of them blow up (lose all their money) within a few weeks or months; some are initially successful and it takes as long as a year before they blow up. A tiny minority with good money management skills, patience, and a market niche go on to be successful traders. Armed with charts, technical indicators, and a small bankroll, the chance of succeeding is probably 500 to 1.
  8. Well you are doing it differently than I am, but go for it. I am running my demo account for everybody. Then every once in a while I will post a jpg to look at or just mail a copy of the brokers confirmation to those who ask for it. My live account is nobody's damn business.

    I know it can be done. Many people known and unknown have gone before us and they have done it.

    Don't worry about the nattering nabobs of negativity. The fact that so many people just hate success says volumes about our current society, circa 2006. Fortunately, I don't take stock in those ideas and it is obvious that you don't either.

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    Why don't you put in $1 million?

    At the end, you doubled it and you got another $1 million?:confused:
  10. that negitive article is from a forex trading site. they should know the odds.
    im not supprised you will show your paper trade account but not your real one. lol
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