It is possible achieve REAL trading profits comparable to simulator - same platform?

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  1. I started trading equities in March 07 (daytrading and swing trading). I was relatively sucesfull – I was in principe in profit but considering commission down big (I had $20 round trade). I had 5 big disasters like analyst downgrade or if former CEO is suing company for few millions and company is losing 1 billion in value ?!(crazy America).

    So I started in futures. After 2 months on simulator I started real trading. BTW, Monday will be my 50th trading day. I started with mixed sucess and in April had bad day – everything that I touched immediately exploded in my face and I lost 10% if my trading account on that day.

    I made a week pause and started program safety first trading in May. I had 19 positive days in row (I did not traded every day).
    70 trades, 68 ending positive (including commisions). 1 loss was just 1 tick slippage going through my stop, 1 loss negated my best trade, 3 times I was negative so purchased second contract ending positive in average. But I get – shit. Except one all winners just up to 10 ticks. I compensated in May just 2/3 of my April single day loss. I know where is my problem – I am waiting on 99.99% setups and I am not able stay in trade if it moves 3 tick against me.

    I am during same time papertrading – using Buttontrader it is not problem doing both simulatneous. I really do not see any difference on this platform between paper and real trading in fils, slippage, etc. In papertrading during same 19 days I twice was stopped with game over (I have set it like 10% of my trading account, I am using just disaster hard stops). 17 days positive. 2x I dug me from bigger hole to positive. In 14 days I get more in single day that was my May result in real trading, 4 trading days were more positive than 2 of my game over losses. I had similar result in previous month doing papertrading only.

    So here is my question. I hope find somebody with similar problem.

    Do somebody of you achieved in real trading comparable succes to papertrading (1/3 of papertrading results is more than I need)? Is there some experienced trader that has comparable results in real trading and papertrading?

    I think I have 3 choices:
    1. Continue doing what I did previous month but try increase my size from 1 contract to 2 contracts, later 3, etc. I am afraid that I will feel more pessure but this way it can be least pain for me.

    2. Continue doing what I did previous month but try stay longer in trades to achieve bigger profit even if more trades will end negatively (I personally probably will try this option).
    I will feel Tantal pain but what to do.

    3. Jump from the cliff start doing in real trading same way what I am doing in simulation. However I am sure that by my unluck I will start with game over and I am not sure if I will be able resume my trading next day, my old hearth will be not enough brave doing it. It will solve my all problems after 1 sucesfull day (I know me) but I simple can not start doing it - may be after one bottle of good Tokaj wine.

    Some of you are training other peoples
    What do you think I need to do?

    My problem is that if I have position than I am too excited, I simply do not know how to avoid it. I believe that my systems are enough komplex to be profitable but still the psychogical problem is giant. During past month I had 6 positions few tick from HOD or LOD, 2 of them were even weekly LOD and HOD. Can you imagine how I am feeling if I got 5 tick from position that is ending many thousands in profit?

    What do you suggest to me? If you were in same situation how long you needed to overcome my fear? My problem is that I am older and I do not have time – and I am deadly tired doing trading and my regular business. Problem is that my regular business is dying because of low US dollar – I shooting star Ebay export seller and I am simply not able continue with it unless the EUR/USD will go back as minimum bellow 1.3 (last does not look very probably to me). I am afraid that I must go trading full time during several months – or I will die due to overworking. Do you think that achieve – partly- papertrading profits during such short time is possible?
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    if u started jogging tommorrow and ran 5 miles u would get shinsplints that would last the rest of your life. if u ran 2 blocks 1st day,then 4 blocks 2nd day and so on u would build up your lungs and your legs so u could jog further. Trading is the same way,u win a little ,and then a little more and so on and eventually you will have enough profit in your acct that u will be confident enough to let it go against u a little . No one picks tops and bottoms accurately at a consistent rate so every time u sell or buy u could be a little early. You also have to have the right mindset to trade,if u were trading on the floor or in an office with successful traders it would be a lot easier and quicker to learn. Your on et becuase u are trying to find this,go to and search around for the psychology of trading posts,you will find a lot of info there