it is over shorts

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  1. You guys are nuts...companies will start cutting dividends and add more downside pressure. Company buy back plans will be shelved adding more downside pressure.

    If Chopper Ben cuts dollar is history and end of petro will be petro euros (doesn't have the same ring to it though).

    Actually the sky is falling in!

    The scape goat got out in time, yip Alan Greenspan is the man to blame for flooding the markets with dollars.

    Frigging dollar is worth squat and will get worse before it gets better.
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  2. It is interesting that stock posts messages like this all the time :)

    Not talking about the short term, think about 2008 is the year that the oldest boomers may have to retire and start cashing out their funds from their retirement accounts ...

    During which, even if hyper-inflation starts in US, the possibility of the US stock mkt being able to produce an average P/E of 20 in the coming few years is not possible.

    I am not a bull nor a bear, just daytrade one day at a time :)
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  3. next week is shaping out to be as great week. Futures aren't down at all which is a good sign. Japan will only be down a little which will make the contracts surge.

    spooz will probably open up 8 points
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  4. Would be the worst thing. If you want the market to turn you should pray for gap downs that then get turned into a short squeeze. These retail trader gap ups after big down weeks will be sold down by the bears with ease.
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  5. We all know why the Turd only papertrades and only long; he doesn't know how to trade at all.
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  6. I jut hope next week we go up. I'm tired of these selloffs. .75 of rate cuts and we're still lower. The the markets are up % tom my tech stocks will surge.

    There will be a massive rally soon once shorts become too complacent and big money starts buying. The dow is way oversold. 7% loss on the nasdaq last week was excessive.
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  7. I just hope it hits 12,800. It can do anything after that.
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