it is over shorts

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  1. time is running out

    buyers stepping in again

    maybe credit fears overblown

    nov dec most bullish months of year for stocks

    rate cut cycle

    strong growth overseas

    cheap dollar good for exporters

    lame duck cycle
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  2. wow this is a huge rebound and so early, too

    1.5 more hours of trading

    time for a 100+point close on the dow

    I still think this bull market will last for decades. Even in 2004-05 we were in a bull market even though the indexes didn't make much gains. In a few years the history books will have to be rewritten to record the 2002- rally as the longest bull market in history, surpassing the 1991-1998 one.
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  3. looks like the late rally team here again....same play like yesterday bought some SPWR down there at 130.....come on emergency rate cut NOW
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  4. you know dude ..i hope this market dumps for the sole chance of you just shetting up !!!! sheesh !!!!
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  5. Sold more ES at 1474.75
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  6. he lost 70 points on goog last 48 hours.

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  7. Um thats assuming you bought at the very peak.

    This is a revolution in economics and finance. Bear markets are no more. Corrections, once uncommon, are now the new 'bear markets'.

    I know I am going out on a limb with these conjectures and pissing off some people in the process, but I really believe I am right about this. And to prove it I will seek to have my ET account canceled if we enter a bear market so you'll never have to hear from me again.
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  8. why do you guys listen to this guy ?

    The only reason why he posts is to piss you all off. And the more you get aggrevated by it, the more he does it. Its quite simple.

    Throw him on ignore if you find yourself having to post to prove him wrong.
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  9. nothing bears can do now...they had the whole day to take down this mkt on a friday. now the bulls will step in
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  10. She is just playing. We are going down on a pretty much straight line into close from here. I added to my short ES at 1473.75. Stop at 1478.25.
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