it is over shorts

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  1. yea he's gone
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  2. That is a great sign.

    There was so much negativity this morning regarding the barkley and wachovia and some how the financial sector brushes it off and goes higher. As usual Goldman is leading the pack. You gotta love GS that shit knows how to rebound.
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  3. I'm with you, when a relief rally comes e.g. in Q4 or Q1 it could easily get us to new highs if financials manage to rebound big. What I see now is that we clearly lost leadership in tech and oil/commodities. What was good is getting whacked, and what was bad is staying bad. Until that changes, I prefer to protect my capital instead of pretending to be smarter than the market.

    Learn a little humility. The markets are more powerful than you, myself and anybody else on the board or elsewhere.
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  4. gobar


    we need some hard selloff today....

    common bears u can do it....

    i have no cash left to buy calls or put so hard selloff today will be gr8 entry pt on monday...

    we need 300 + pt sell off...:D
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  6. gobar


    going up.....
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  7. covered for nice profit.. hope you did :cool:

    got to know when to fold 'em, when to hold 'em, when to walk and when to run away :p
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  8. one step forward ...two giant leaps back !
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  9. I figured the perceived risk/reward today highly favors the bears. The S&P is destined to close at around 1438 today (yes, it's 30 points to go down from where we are now), and I would be the buyer at the close. My trade is short ES from 1471.75.
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  10. bgp


    it will fall soon . 2:00 c.d.t. :)

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