it is over shorts

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  1. Just holding out for the rebound. Nothing I can do but wait. This sellof was about 600 points more than I expected and took my tech stocks with it.

    And we're not in a correction yet. A bear market is a long way off.
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  2. Are all those people that bought puts in October to protect their profits still idiots? You still mocking them?
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  3. jd7419



    Is your name really Deniss Neil? How about Jim Goldman?
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  4. no they got it right

    But all the guys who bought puts in august, sep, early october lost lots of money.

    When a stock sells off after a big run eventually someone has to be right. Options are being traded all day.
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  5. That chart still shows a solid 8% rally starting from Nov to Jan 1st even though the market was down a lot.

    Dec isn't going away. That will be 20 or so trading days that shorts will have to contend with. And we still have th rest of november.
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  6. Which was (more than) offset by long positions they had on.
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  7. The egggberts, dogberts, and eggists will fail. I'm not scared. I'm looking further ahead than today or next week. 2008 will be a great year and the rally will continue.
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  8. candles


    what happened to the guy who always used to say
    "100% up room to go!!...NO RISK!!$$$$$"

    Not seen him in a while. Equitrader or something?
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  9. Aok


    Hilarious. And true. :)

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  10. gobar


    most of the banks, financial, and retails stock are trading higher today....

    any selloff today is def a buying opp on monday...
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