it is over shorts

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  1. The dow has finally touched 13,000 market and rebounded huge off it

    this completes the bottom of the trding range. The 12,500 level on dow seen on August 16th won't be revisited. A solid, long term base has formed on the dow. It isn't a top, but a base, which will be the platform for another big rally soon.

    the dow will proceed to rally to 13500, base for awhile, and then surge to 14000, base for awhile , and then end of year go to 15,000 on more rate cuts.

    Dec and Nov most bullish months of year

    financial stocks surging. This is a good sign because it indicates that bad news this morning has been digested, and writen off.

    more rate cuts 2 come

    all bad news priced in

    time 2 buy
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    mate, thank god you are still here....I thought you had canceled your account early....or jumped out of a window.

    330 points to go.
  3. this is SHORT NOW!!
  4. You forgot the most important line "There is no compelling reason for the selloff"

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    Buy then ...
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    haha!! Stocktrad3r. You not bored of being wrong yet?
  7. Didn't touch 13000 yet
  8. yep, like on Ron Paul!
  9. And didn't rebound 'hugely', not even crossed previous intraday high.
    I'm starting to see why the Turd isn't really trading, he just doesn't know what's going on or what to do with it.
  10. Here's a Sp500 chart of 1990, the last big housing + banking crisis:


    Nov. and Dec. didn't mean much then. Took almost a full 12 months to resolve.
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