It is official, Bush most hated president ever...

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    Poll: More disapprove of Bush than any other president

    * Story Highlights
    * President Bush's disapproval rating hits all-time high in polling
    * More than 70 percent disapprove in CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll
    * Survey indicates support for Iraq war has never been lower
    * Low approval numbers come five years after "Mission Accomplished" moment

    By Paul Steinhauser
    CNN Deputy Political Director

    WASHINGTON DC (CNN) -- A new poll suggests that President Bush is the most unpopular president in modern American history.

    A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Thursday indicates that 71 percent of the American public disapprove of how Bush is handling his job as president.

    "No president has ever had a higher disapproval rating in any CNN or Gallup Poll; in fact, this is the first time that any president's disapproval rating has cracked the 70 percent mark," said Keating Holland, CNN's polling director.

    "Bush's approval rating, which stands at 28 percent in our new poll, remains better than the all-time lows set by Harry Truman and Richard Nixon [22 percent and 24 percent, respectively], but even those two presidents never got a disapproval rating in the 70s," Holland said. "The previous all-time record in CNN or Gallup polling was set by Truman, 67 percent disapproval in January 1952."

    While Gallup polling goes back to the 1930s, it wasn't until the Truman years that they began surveying monthly approval ratings.

    CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider adds, "He is more unpopular than Richard Nixon was just before he resigned from the presidency in August 1974."

    President Nixon's disapproval rating in August 1974 stood at 66 percent

    The poll also indicates that support for the war in Iraq has never been lower. Thirty percent of those questioned favored the war, while 68 percent opposed it.

    "Americans are growing more pessimistic about the war," Holland said. "In January, nearly half believed that things were going well for the U.S. in Iraq; now that figure has dropped to 39 percent."

    The numbers on the Iraq war come on the five-year anniversary of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" moment on board the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, when he proclaimed that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

    The record-low support for the war in a CNN poll could be one reason behind the president's unpopularity, but it probably is not the only one.

    "Support for the war, the assessment of the economy and approval of Mr. Bush are all about the same -- bad," Schneider said.

    The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll was conducted by telephone from Monday through Wednesday among 1,008 adult Americans.

    The poll's sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.
  2. hopefully the Bush Clinton cabals will never hold office again. i think even more people hate hillary's guts than bush.. but i am willing to call it a draw.

    what say you ZZZzenu?
  3. Gord


    And this proves what? That if the partisan media vilify a president hard enough and long enough they can get some polster to tell them what they want to hear. Anyone who thinks that polls like this are objective and uninfluenced measures of a president's performance is either a fool, a partisan or both.
  4. So, once again it is not Bush's fault, it is the media...

  5. I deal in reality, not fantasy and excuses like you ratchild.

    Hillary is more electable than Obama, and the bottom line is that it will be either a dem or a repub, and I don't want McCain.

    Try to stop the whining and do the math for once...

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  6. Gord


    Imagine if Bush had given the Chinese ballistic missile technology that allowed them to jump thirty years ahead and provided them with the ability to nuke N. America, as a payoff for laundered fundraising money or as a result of blackmail over shenanigans with "interns" and other women (it has to be one or the other). Well Bubba did exactly that, and where was the media? Nowhere! Did they hound him out of office as they should have? Not a chance! They covered up for him. Clinton should have been forced to resign in disgrace, but the media loved him and covered his backside throughout a myriad of scandals that they would never have let Bush live down.
  7. Gord


    By the way Z, did you listen to Rush today? He defined a dittohead again.
  8. Only a dittohead like yourself would be looking to Rush to define the dittoheads...

    Leaders don't define their mindless followers, the mindless followers define themselves by way of their own mindless following nature...

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