It is now time to fold the flag over Trina Solar

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, May 25, 2007.

  1. That is, ALMOST TIME. Its almost time to fold the flag over Trina Solar. If you noticed, the spine was just broken off of the descending triangle. It might be able to be saved on Tuesday, but I doubt it. They had a great conference call beating earnings and the chart is still making lower lows and lower highs.

    A stock with better fundamentals came out on the market a few days ago, CSUN. It has twice the growth of Trina and more revenue. It trades at half the P/E of Trina currently. No reason to go into Trina if you have something like CSUN lieing around.

    I say Trina will soon make a good short. Just want to see it go down a little more to make sure the nails are in the coffin. About 20 points down from here.

    The next question is how Trina's demise will effect the other polysilicon plays like JASO, SOLF, CSIQ, CSUN, STP and SPWR. STP just announced a new thin film research facility so it might start competing with FSLR.
  2. All these solar stocks suck. Why even bother investing in any of them in the first place. If you want to make moeny just o long on some DDM or something. Also TA doesnt always work. Sometimes it does but thats a big sometimes.
  3. Your not thinking straight. Have you read the book about crowds yet that Jesse Livermore told you to read? In that book, it will tell you the reasons behind investing in the solar stocks.

    The time to invest in the solar stocks will not be right right now, but sometime in the future.

    The crowds attacked the solar stocks at first and now they are going away. However, the fundamentals of the solar stocks did not change.

    For example, CSUN. CSUN employed 15-25 people when it first started and now employs over a thousand. It went from revenue in the 10s of millions to revenue in the hundreds of millions in just a few years.

    Now the madness of the crowds is floating away from the solar stocks, but the fundamentals have not changed.

    The crowds will be back when their JSDA and MA starts to fritter out. The money will come back, its just a matter of timing.

    Solar is not ethanol and those who think and believe that it is will get a nasty shock in the end.

    Have you ever read a 10-Q or a prospectus? Have you ever listened to a conference call for any of the stocks in which you are invested?

  4. Micalel scott, solar power has been around for 40 years and if it was gonna change the world it would have done so by now. The problems with solar is that it only works in certain geographical locations, and it is expensive. It also isn't very efficient when you factor the resources involved in making solar panels.

    All the solar stocks are losing money and are very speculative.

    I dont read 10Qs yet I have YOY returns exceeding 40% with buy and hold. I find then confusing, and in an efficient market where whisper numbers are king they don't matter. I invest in solid companies to begin with so the 10Q isn't an issue.

    Try to buy stocks that will make you money and not stuff that kinda sucks. You seem to recommend the latter and you would be better off revising your methods of stock picking.