It is not hard to see why BP boss is hated

Discussion in 'Economics' started by morganist, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. I watched a news reel with the BP boss giving evidence he seemed to smirk at every thing and was acting like a child.

    Did anyone else see this and did you agree.

    I find it a bit embarrassing being British.
  2. spd


    He came across like a supreme douchebag. By the end of the hearing the congressional panel was straight up telling him he was insulting everyones intelligence by dancing around the questions.
  3. drcha


    He has to say/not say what his lawyers have told him to. He cannot say things that will hang himself, his employees or his company later. Every single senator and congressman knows this damn well, since nearly all of them are lawyers. They cannot possibly have seriously expected him to come clean. It is just a chance for them to preen and posture.
  4. This guy was treated pretty badly by the Congressmen and the media. I thought he handled it well. He seems to be soft-spoken, from Scotland, so that some of his mannerisms and speech are not the norm here in the States. If I were going to be embarrassed it would be by the Congressmen....the real douche bags.

  5. The whole room was full of douches with agendas that aren't in alignment with those of the general population.