It is going to be an awesome 2007 for ET Log yor Requests here

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ElectricSavant, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Pekelo


    Both at the top and bottom there are pagenumbers, the one you are reading with different color (darker). So you just click on the next or the previous number.

    You have been a member since 2002 and haven't figured this out???
    #91     Dec 18, 2006
  2. i did figure it out, but these numbers are small and uncomfortable, especially when your screen is set to 1600x1200. it's much easier to click a large link that says "next page".

    i really do fail to see the logic in providing a link to "next thread" and not providing a link to the next page in the thread you are reading. honestly, i believe that the vast majority of those who read a thread are much more interested in its next page, than in the next thread.
    #92     Dec 18, 2006
  3. spinner


    I agree.
    #93     Dec 18, 2006
  4. Please keep the feedback coming and Thank you...

    Michael B.
    #94     Dec 19, 2006
  5. How about posting what ET has planned and let us give feedback on that?
    #95     Dec 19, 2006
  6. Perhaps you could ask the owner of this site and the moderator of this thread...otherwise I am not qualified, at liberty or would compromise information given to me in confidence...other than to campaign for ideas...Ideas is all that matters anyways...

    my heart is good and all i can suggest is that you wait and see...the best in the business are at work here...that is why ET is # 1 well before I came along...

    This is not BS...but is one Trading Forum better than ET...I challenge you...This is not a biased moderator posting...this is a veteran guest that is posting now...I am a volunteer in a great site in which I am deeply thankful for.....

    Michael B.

    P.s. I will say this...when I speak to Baron and the other moderators....ET is a stable steamship slow to change...but when they do....look is well thought out...look over the years...has Et ever made a mistake? it's all about those sort of benchmark adjustments that LEAD...

    #96     Dec 19, 2006
  7. I agree 100%, just wondering what ET has planned. The only improvement I can think of is a more modern, business look. The current green color sucks, maybe even try a new forum board such as

    Take a look at Yahoo Finance very nice business blue layout.
    #97     Dec 19, 2006
  8. I am not here to judge feedback, just to promote it.... Thank you forex-forex...please forgive me if i have commented out of turn in the past...


    I can assure you that great thought is being put into each and every post here...and private discussion and debate is taking place...

    please folks do not be shy...if you love ET as I do..or even more ...please share...this is your chance...also do not forget to thank Baron for his service to the trading community...and of course the might even send PM's as they are always appreciated...Just think how Baron or another mod might feel...

    Happy holidays...and gooD trading to each and every one of you guests that take the trouble to read the feedback threads...YOU ARE ALL MODERATOR MATERIAL IN MY OPINION!

    Michael B.

    #98     Dec 19, 2006
  9. I edited my post during your quote of my post. The boards are a very nice layout and free.
    #99     Dec 19, 2006
  10. Pekelo


    He does it for free? :) He runs a business and he needs good posters and viewers just as much as we need a forum to express ourselves. So it is mutual.

    I was surprized to find out that he had 2 other websites in the works... I felt so abandoned... :(
    #100     Dec 19, 2006
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