It is all going to Asia ???

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  1. Unbelievable, this is the future of USA I guess


    I see a migration from the early days of the Valley. We aren't doing manufacturing; we aren't doing design; we aren't doing computers. It's all moving to Asia and other places where there are lots of technical engineers who are willing to work at a more reasonable salary because they don't have to spend $3.5 million on a home and pay half of it to taxes.
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    Never fear.

    The Mexican drug cartels are moving in and will provide ample employment for all
  3. Imagine how Britain must have felt as the sun set on the British Empire.

    The big wheel comes around.
  4. Not entirely true about all going to Asia. Germany is doing very well, big manufacturing and exporting power house. I guess Germany does not have so bankers playing money games.
  5. May be not all going to Asia, still it is going outside the USA.
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    croatia,poland,russia are all working in germany for $3-4 an hour,,they are no better than china,cheap labor is the future and we can set civilization back 200 yrs,maybe bring back child labor
  7. It's amazing isn't it? And in this country, we just run the core of our economy around a bunch of asset inflation schemes and other money changing usury. So the jobs don't come here because everyone outside of the easy money Fed driven cash cow is stuck with an extremely high cost of living and dwindling job prospects. Meanwhile small businesses are getting hammered by soaring input costs and miscellaneous "fees" that may as well be taxes.